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Hump Day: Orgasm on the brain

Have you ever been curious about what the brain does during an orgasm?  A recent study from Rutgers University had the same curiosity and brought it to the lab.  This 3D clip shows a female's brain through the process of an orgasm.  It highlights the specific zones stimulated, which as authors explain can help further research in other areas, such as depression and anxiety.

Some specifics to look for and keep in mind based on this video and research:

  • The brain will turn different colors based on the blood oxygen levels.  The lighter colors indicate more oxygen which signals that part of the brain is most active at the moment.
  • Activity was found in more than 80 regions of the brain.
  • Oxytocin and dopamine flood the brain producing a euphoric feeling.
  • The same part of the brain that is responsible for controlling pain also appears to active during orgasm, which seems to explain those "O-faces".
  • More research is sure to be done!