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Finals are Upon Us: Take a Deep Breath

It’s that time of year again… two weeks of finals stand between you and Winter Break. Before you head home for the much-needed holidays, make sure to work hard, stay focused, and most importantly… stay SANE. Below are tips and tricks to keep calm and collected during this hair-pulling, nail-biting, pen-chewing time. 
  1. Try to study anywhere but the library during reading period. That might not make the most intuitive sense, but the library is a stress factory during finals. Oftentimes, it’s stressful enough to find an empty desk. Anxiety is infectious—don’t put yourself in an environment that induces more anxiety than you already have because you’ll end up being less productive. Try working in Gilman, Levering, dorm study rooms, or an empty classroom. 
  2.  Make sure to socialize. Don’t go overboard, but make sure to have some interaction throughout the day. Take study breaks or eat lunch with friends. It’ll take your mind off of schoolwork for a little bit. 

    3.      Change your scene. Walk around, see the outside world, and change the place of where you study. You’ll feel more refreshed if you avoid holing up int the same place for hours at a time. 
    4.      Rotate subjects while studying. While it’s tempting to study 10 straight hours the day before the exam, your brain will thank you if you study in shorter chunks several days before the exam. Try studying one subject for two hours, then studying for another exam for an hour. Changing subjects will also prevent you from feeling irritated or hopeless by one subject. Generally, when you feel frustrated, it’s best to move on.
    5.      Laugh. Whether it be hearing a good joke from a friend or watching a hilarious clip from YouTube, make sure to laugh. It’ll help keep things in perspective, even if it might seem like getting an A on a final is the be all and end all to life success. As Charlie Chaplin once said, “a day without laughter is a day wasted.” 

    6.   YOU HAVE LIMITS- Don’t try to exceed them. When you need to stop for the day, call it quits. You’re not “weak” because you can’t study fourteen hours a day. Some of us mere mortals can’t handle those never-ending days in the library without coming up for food, water or friends. And keep it safe!

    7.  ASK FOR HELP- Counseling services are ALWAYS available to you whether it’s the Counselor on Call after hours or at the Counseling Center during the day. Academic Advising will make the time to talk to you if you need it. Study Consultants are awesome. You have the tools, make sure to use them.