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Sip Tip: To be caffeinated or not


A 2010 study on caffeine found that people who consume caffeine do so in many different ways.  The intake happens at different rates and for different reasons which ultimately affected the individual's behavior.  Some were considered high soda users and typically had their first caffeinated drink in the evening.  While others who considered themselves mixed caffeine users tended to use a variety of caffeinated beverages and consumed them at different rates throughout the day.  This group was also likely to report using caffeine as a method to get through the day.  They also felt more dependence and energy enhancement from their beverages.

What happens at Hopkins?

If you consume caffeine, do you consider yourself to be a:

  1. low-caffeine user
  2. moderate-caffeine user
  3. high-caffeine user

And what sort of caffeine do you tend to consume?

  1. Caffeinated soda
  2. Energy Drinks
  3. Coffee
  4. Tea
  5. A combination of the above

What effects have you felt from using caffeine? Positive effects? How about any unfortunate side effects or negatives?

We love hearing from you!  Thanks for sharing!