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Sip Tip: Assess Yourself


Are you someone that likes to take quizzes online?  Maybe you do it to learn more about yourself- like taking a good long look in the mirror.  Maybe you do it with friends to see how you compare with each other.  Or maybe you just do it as another way to procrastinate from that 10 page paper.  Whatever your reason is we have a self assessment for you. 

The Mayo Clinic developed a self-assessment on alcohol use and is available here for you to assess yourself: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/alcohol-use/MH00123

Once you've completed the assessment consider how you answered the questions.  Do you feel that you remembered your drinking behavior accurately?  Sometimes it is tough to remember specific events.  Was this quiz easy, tough, upsetting, or what you anticipated?

This and many other alcohol assessments cannot diagnose anyone with a drinking problem, but it can highlight your drinking habits.  If you would like to talk to someone JHU has many resources on campus, including the Counseling Center, the Student Health and Wellness Center, the Residential Life staff, the Center for Health Education and Wellness, and many others who are interested in supporting and listening to you.  Come talk to us- we're here for you.