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Hump Day: Sex on the brain


Every 7 seconds, a guy is thinking about sex.  Have you heard that before?  Well, researchers from the Ohio State University has debunked this myth recently.

In a recent research study that will soon be published in the Journal for Sex Research, OSU researchers learned that men actually think about sex approximately 19 times per day.  And women reportedly thought about sex on average 10 times per day.  Much less than the common belief going around, and likely more on average with most of our average readers, especially given everything else there is to think about at Hopkins. Perhaps this gives guys a bit more credit and shows that women and men aren't that far off from one another.  How often do you think Hopkins students think about sex?  Less? More?

Check out this great video from one of our comments!


Anonymous said...

Nice post! I think, honestly, my boyfriend thinks about it MUCH MORE. Then again, he isn’t in college, so maybe he has more free time? We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt... haha

This is a really good video on the study (link: http://www.newsy.com/videos/men-only-think-about-sex-19-times-a-day). It goes into peoples’ reactions. Feel free to embed it!

CHEW at JHU said...

Perhaps your boyfriend would be on the higher end of the bell curve, and that's okay, too!

And thanks for the awesome video-it's posted now.