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Hump Day: Get Lubed


Have you seen these commercials?  KY Intense, KY Warming Sensation, KY His and Hers, and the list goes on.  There are a number of different lubricants and lubricant manufacturers out there.  They are all trying to do the same thing- help increase sexual pleasure.  Lubricant or "Lube" is a product used to increase sexual pleasure by making sex more comfortable with an added glide.

Most condoms come with some lubrication already applied, but if the sexual act goes beyond 15 minutes more lubrication is likely needed.   If using a lubricant with a condom be sure to use a water-based one to prevent condom breakage which can happen with oil-based ones, such as Vaseline or lotion.  Flavored lubes are also available, but look for sugar-free varieties if it is being used for more than oral sex.  And remember, a few drops goes a long way!