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Guest Bloggers: Understanding Behavior Change Students!

Want a smile with your breakfast?  Head to the FFC tomorrow (November 8th) from 8am-10am!

Want to win a gift card just for eating breakfast? Every 25th person to swipe in to the FFC between the hours 8:00-10:00am on Tues. Nov. 8th will win a gift card to either Donna's, One World, Carma's or Freshies! For more information email jhunutrition@gmail.com.

Power Down at Night to Wake Up Refreshed

We all know the temptations of using gadgets before bedtime.  You might think that watching your favorite sitcom, scrolling through Facebook, and playing a video game or two can help you wind down to sleep. But, studies have shown, that using technologic devices before bed can actually worsen your quality of sleep and can sometimes even lead to insomnia. To ensure you get a good night’s rest, power down your electronics one hour before bed. 

Make sure to check out tabling outside of Levering each Tuesday and Wednesday of November from 12-2 for the Power Down Tuesday to Wake Up Wednesday campaign—turn off electronics at 12 AM on Tuesdays to see how you feel on Wednesday. 

Come to Nolan's Tuesday, 11/8 at 8pm for a reading by "The Shush lady" and Sleep Trivia!