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Weekend Sip Tip: stopping at buzzed

Last week, we wanted to know how those who choose not to drink respond when asked to drink. There were some great responses, including saying "I don't drink", "I'm not drinking tonight", and "I don't like drinking".  We really appreciate the thoughts and if you have more please add to the comments.

This week, we want to hear from those that choose to drink and "stay in the blue zone".  The "blue zone" refers to drinking approximately 1-2 drinks an hour, resulting in a BAC of .01-.06.  Typically, a person will feel more social, talkative, relaxed.  They will also feel less alert and have some impaired judgement due to the alcohol in their system.

For some, it can be tough to know where the line is when drinking.  They might end up going too far and drinking too much, resulting in a bad hangover or worse.  Here are some things we've heard of how people know if they are in or near the Blue Zone.

"More likely to dance"
"Feeling a funny feeling on the tip of the nose- that's my clue that I've hit the peak of my buzz. I can stop drinking and just enjoy my night".
"If I just have 1 drink for most of the night, I still have a good time with my friends.  I don't always feel the buzz, but whatever, I'm still having fun."

So, for those that have been in the blue zone, what does the "blue zone" feel like or look like for you?  How do you find the blue zone for yourself and how have you stopped at buzzed?