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Weekend Sip Tip: Plans for Halloween


Halloween weekend can mean candy, costumes, and craziness.  If your plans include partying with alcohol, think about ways to keep yourself and your friends safe; try stopping at buzzed, staying together, and looking out for one another.  If you are looking for something to do that doesn't include drinking, we have some options for you, too.

If you like a good scare with friends there are haunted houses, museums, farms, and more in the area that you could check out.  Or try something in the city, like the Halloween parade in Patterson Park: http://greatbighalloweenparadeoflightandluminaria.wordpress.com/.

If you're feeling crafty, you could plan your own costume contest or fashion show.  If you want to go beyond the runway, you could turn your room into a haunted house (or maybe your whole hallway can get in on it too!).

For those hoping for a night in, try a night of horror movies- fright fest 2011 style!  Or go for the cheesy “horror” movies- like the Scream movies or I know What You Did Last Summer (and the Summer Before…).  Just get some friends, tubs of popcorn and enjoy!  

If you're feeling more service oriented, consider contacting a local organization that works with youth to help plan a haunted house or Halloween party that’s safe and fun. Most organizations look for volunteers that can dress up, help with activities, and make the event fun for kids.  

Or if you'd rather get some exercise in while donating your time and money, try doing a Halloween Run/Walk.  There are tons going on in the area, including the Baltimore Walk Now for Autism Speaks or the 5k walk/1 mile fun walk for the Brent A. Rosenberg Walk for Maryland's Children and Family Fair starting at the YMCA on 33rd.

Or if you have the time and a ride, you could check out the amusement parks nearby for Halloween Fun.  There's Six Flags in Maryland, Kings Dominion in Virginia, and Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.

There are so many things you can do to have fun this weekend, and take a break from the rigors of homework and studying.  We’d love to hear what fun things you came up with- so let us know if you’d like to share!