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SEE for Yourself on Monday - Sleep WELL


SEE TIP: Research shows that napping is good for your health. The Harvard Health Letter offers some tips for napping:
      • Keep it short. A 20- to 30-minute nap may be ideal. Even just napping for a few minutes has benefits. Longer naps can lead to grogginess.
      • Find a dark, quiet, cool place. Reducing light and noise helps most people get to sleep faster. Cool temperatures are helpful, too.
      • Plan on it. Waiting till sleepiness gets so bad that you have to take a nap can be dangerous if you’re driving. A regular nap time may also help you get to sleep faster and wake up quicker.
      • Don’t feel guilty! A nap can make you more productive at school.
Help us find the best places to nap on campus besides your room. Click here to complete our one question survey.

QUIT ON MONDAY TIP: Smoking is significantly linked to sleep problems, including falling asleep in the evening and staying awake during the day. A research study found that smokers were more likely to have sleep disturbances than non-smokers due to their nicotine dependency.  Smokers often have trouble staying asleep, as they are prone to wake up during the night with nicotine cravings, and as a result, they are less alert in the morning than non-smokers.  If you are having difficulty sleeping and you smoke, this may be another reason to consider kicking the habit.

MELLOW OUT MONDAY TIP: Sleep and stress have a love-hate relationship. If you are suffering from an imbalance of sleeping and stress the most important thing to do is find out what is causing the stress. Once you discover the underlying problem, get rid of the stress (if possible) and sleep will follow. Your new stress-free sleep will actually be able to keep you from getting too stressed during the day, letting you go out into the world well-rested, feeling awake and able to take on the challenges of the day. For sleep tips click here. Come chillax with the Stressbusters every Monday from 8-10 pm at the MSE library, Q-level.