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SEE for Yourself on Monday - Exercise Well


For this week include some type of strength training in your weekly exercise regimen no matter what your fitness goals are. Resistance training provides many health benefits. Resistance exercise is any exercise where muscles contract against an external resistance with the objective of increasing strength, tone, mass, and/or muscular endurance. The resistance can come from dumbbells, weight machines, elastic tubing or bands, cinder blocks, cans of soup, your own body weight (for example, pushups), or any other object that forces your muscles to contract. Results occur when you train consistently over time. For more tips and a chance to get a free SEE t-shirt stop by the Breezeway today from 1-3 pm.

Mellow Out Monday: Yoga postures are a form of strength training, making you more resilient and flexible, which in turn relieves physical tension. It also uses deep breathing, which triggers the body’s relaxation response. Sound interesting? Check out the Rec Center for yoga classes. Also be sure to get a weekly back-rub from Stressbusters at the MSE library, from 8-10 pm every Monday or from 12-2 pm at the Gilman Atrium on Thursdays.

Quit on Monday: As many of us know, smokers who began smoking when they are young have a particularly tough time quitting as they get older. However, a recent study has found that young, male smokers who exercise have more success when trying to quit. If you are interested in quitting, try going for a walk or doing an extra rep at the gym. You may find the power to hold off on the craving to smoke is possible with a little sweat!