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SEE for Yourself on Monday - EAT WELL


Eat breakfast – even if it’s on the gtry fruit, cereal, yogurt, or an energy bar to get the day started right. Research has found that university students perform better on memory tests when they have eaten breakfast (source: Benton, David & Sargent, Julia, Breakfast, blood glucose and memory, Biological Psychology, 33 (1992) 207-210).  For more tips and free give-aways stop by the SEE table at the Breezeway today from 1-3 pm.

Quit on Monday tipThink secondhand smoke isn’t harmful?  Think again!  In a study from the IOM it is reported that secondhand smoke exposure could cause heart disease, including a heart attack. Even a brief exposure can trigger your cardiovascular system to respond negatively and damage your blood vessels. This means, even if you don’t smoke but you pass through a cloud of smoke, you are at risk.  Want to reduce the damage to your body while on campus?  Click here to sign the Hopkins Kicks Butts petition for a Smoke Free Campus.

Good nutrition and healthy eating habits can help you through your stressful times now, not just prevent a heart attack 30 years down the road. Eating well will increase your physical, mental, and emotional stamina. Fueling yourself with nutrient dense foods can boost your immune system, help you maintain a healthy weight and help you feel better about yourself. In addition, get a free back-rub at the MSE Q-level every Monday from 8-10 pm.