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Hump Day: Stress Killer


Midterms are in the air and stress levels are high.  The meditation session just isn't cutting it and spending time in the library is just adding to the pressure.  So what can you do?

One effective way to reduce your stress is to have (safer) sex.  If you're in a monogamous relationship this stress release could be a short text away.  Just remember to keep it safe to avoid any further stress or worry.

Studies from the journal of Biological Psychology have found that people who engaged in sexual intercourse had better responses to stress than those that had not.  They also found that hugs from loved ones could reduce stress and blood pressure (in women).

If you choose to have sex in the hopes of reducing your stress be sure to practice safer sex methods, such as, using a condom and other forms of birth control/STI prevention. Also, be sure the sex partner you choose is someone you are comfortable with.  You can ask yourself these questions to be sure; "Do I want to have sex with this person? Do I respect him/her? Does s/he respect me? Am I happy to be with this person?" If you feel good about your partner then the stress relief method could prove beneficial.  And the fun can begin!

And if no partner is in sight or you prefer to go solo, you can give yourself a hand to reduce stress, too.  Plus, going it alone significantly reduces your chances of spreading STI/STDs.  Major stress reliever!