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Hump Day: Hooking up


Think everyone is hooking up?   Think again.  In a recent study, 90% of students thought the "typical" student was hooking up at least two or more times during the year.  But really, only 37% of students reported two or more hook ups. 

And when it comes to "hooking up" there are countless definitions for it; from a one night stand, to making out, to some kissing and cuddling.  Any of these can apply when talking about hooking up which can be confusing, rumor-producing, or even comforting for some, right?  But, if hooking up for you means having sex, consider using protection.  

The Center for Health Education and Wellness provides free Lifestyles brand condoms at different events on campus.  We also have the Condom Sense program which offers reduced rate Durex and Trojan condoms to students.  If you are having sex, use your head and wear protection.