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Hump Day: Bedroom Anxiety


New relationships can be fun and exciting.  But for some, they can also provoke anxiety, especially when it comes to the bedroom.

When should it happen?  
How should it happen?  
Who goes where?  

So many questions! But are these questions asked aloud?  One person in the relationship might be ready to move things to the next level, but the other may not be.  How do they know- unless they ask?  If you are in a relationship and considering sexual intimacy, talk to each other about it. It may be awkward at first, but it is worth it in the end.

And before it gets hot remember to ask, how are we being safe?  The anxiety that was felt before can quickly return if this question isn't answered.  And many more questions arise:

Why didn't we use protection?
What if I get an STD?
My ______ is going to kill me!

Before freaking out, look into the options to prevent pregnancy and STDs.  These include condoms for STD and pregnancy prevention and barrier methods and hormonal methods for pregnancy prevention.  For access to discounted rate condoms, check out the Condom Sense program for JHU students which offers 12 pack/$4 on a variety of name brands.