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Fall Break - Take Time to Relax!


With almost a month of school under our belts, midterms are beginning to start and work has definitely piled up. Though it’s easy to get overwhelmed, there are plenty of ways to decompress and forget about everything going on, if not for just a couple of minutes. First and foremost, you can go get a free backrub from CHEW’s very own Stressbusters! You can also go get a massage with the licensed therapist on campus! If you want to stay in your room and take a break, try meditation! This is my personal favorite way to take just twenty minutes out of my day and forget the world. This works best right before bed.

• Shut off your phone, close your laptop, turn down the lights

• If you like calming background music, go ahead and play some (think sounds of the ocean, light piano, etc.)

• Sit up straight on your bed or on the floor, keeping your legs extended outwards

• Empty your mind of thought by thought. Try to count backwards from 50 to 1 to get into the groove if you’re having trouble.

• If you have a ton going on in your mind, focus on not thinking. You can imagine a place, a person or an object that gives you peace.

• Focus intensely on the image that gives you the most peace- for me it’s a picture of my family on the beach. I just imagine that our dog, Timmy, is there too and suddenly nothing else matters to me.

• Breathe in and out deeply, counting to at least five (slowly). Let the toxins of stress and fear leave with each exhale

• Tense up the muscles in your body group by group, starting with your face and head all the way down to your toes. Once you have tensed each group, gently release them. Take your time. Appreciate the feeling of freedom as your muscles relax.

• Keep your eyes closed, let your mind wander through gentle thoughts. Whenever you are ready to come back to the world, gently open your eyes and make sure to thank your body for supporting you each day!

I know midterms are stressful (and don’t end until December) so try to set aside a block of time each day for yourself. I bet you’ll feel healthier and less stressed as time goes on if you practice meditation regularly!