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Staff Spotlight


My name is Dr. Wendy Kjeldgaard and I want to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you all. I am a new senior staff psychologist and the eating disorder program coordinator at the Johns Hopkins University Counseling Center. My position offers me a variety of opportunities to work with undergraduate and graduate students at JHU. I offer individual psychotherapy sessions for all students and will be running a therapy group this fall for people who want to learn ways to eat healthier and cope with stress.

I’ll also be providing a number of programs, presentations and events this year on topics like the media’s influence on standards of beauty and how to improve your body image. Lastly, I’m always available to talk to any of you if you have concerns about yourself or a friend or just want some information on eating disorders or on body image. Drop in and see me at the Counseling Center at our new location: 3003 North Charles Street, Suite S-200. I am ready and happy to help!

Healthy Advice: It's important to pamper yourself sometimes...you don't have to spend a lot of money, but doing something self-soothing, like getting a pedicure or buying yourself a nice smelling bottle of body lotion or getting a 5-minute massage can do wonders for your mood and is a way of caring for yourself

Fun fact: I just moved here from Africa; I have a border collie who does Agility courses and knows all the names of her different toys; I'm a huge comedy buff; I can make a mean loaf of foccacia