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Sip Tip: Reality Check


It's pretty common to think that everyone else is "doing it".  You know, drinking.  It's college after all, and we've all seen what to expect.  We've seen Van Wilder and Old School, sang "I love College" and "Keg in the Closet", and thought is this really what college will be like?

Now that you've been here for sometime, you tell us- is that what your life is like at Hopkins?  What about for everyone else here? Do you think most people at Hopkins are living that kind of college life? 

According to the NCHA survey of Johns Hopkins students, Hopkins students believe that 96% of the campus has used alcohol in the last month.  However, students self-reported about their own drinking habits on that survey, and we learned that over 40% actually have not had alcohol in that same time frame.  That's nearly half of the campus!  So, while you may think everyone is drinking, the reality is that it isn't as much as you may think.  

So, is it possible that these songs and movies are selling us something that doesn't exist in reality?