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Sip Tip: Defining Stop@buzzed


Have you heard “Stop at buzzed” and wondered, what does that even mean?  It’s not about keeping your phone on vibrate while in class or ducking for cover when faced with a swarm of bees.  It’s about making safer choices if choosing to drink alcohol. 

Stopping at buzzed is a reminder for those that drink that they can still have a good time and not go overboard.  By staying in “the blue zone” and “stopping at buzzed” the effects one may be looking for like, mild euphoria, increased sociability, and some feelings of relaxation can be felt throughout the evening. However, if one goes beyond “the blue zone” effects that are not desired will result, including some potentially embarrassing or even life threatening situations. It can be the difference between a fun night to remember and foul night to forget.

Using the BAC charts below, a person who consumes alcoholic beverages can track their drinks and use the BAC chart as a reference for staying in the blue zone and helping them to stop@buzzed.