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SEE for Yourself on Monday!

SEE Tip: This week consider taking a 20-30 minute nap during the day to sneak in some extra zzz’s and improve alertness. According to the National Institute of Health’s Guide to Healthy Sleep, short naps can improve alertness and focus, but naps that last longer than an hour can make you groggy and disrupt sleeping patterns. For more sleep tips, stop stop by the SEE table on the Breezeway between 11-1 pm. 

QUIT TIP: Are you a stressed out smoker?  Often, smokers use cigarettes to reduce their stress levels.  But research has shown that smokers actually have higher levels of stress than non-smokers.  While in the moment, smoking may feel like it’s taking away stress, it’s really only hiding it temporarily.  The stress returns and must eventually be dealt with.  So, in the time it takes to smoke a cigarette, about 7-15 minutes, in what other ways could you reduce stress?  Some things we’ve heard include taking a 10-15 minute walk, doing deep breathing exercises, or compiling a prioritized task list. Think about what works for you!

MELLOW OUT MONDAY: Let Stressbusters melt your stress away every Monday at MSE Library, Q-level, from 8-10 pm. starting today. We're also currently recruiting new members. To find out more or request an event click here.