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Good Advice from your PEEPs

It is often difficult to find a space to work. While the tendency is to migrate towards the library, the repeated surroundings can make you lose your concentration. If in need of a change of scenery here are some great spots across campus:

1. Levering Hall

The lobby and study area of Levering Hall tend to be quiet which make them a perfect spot for reading. If you avoid lunch hours, Levering Hall food court is a great place to go as well. You can eat while you study and enjoy the brand-new remodeling.

2. Barnes & Nobles

Again, this spot is dependent on the time of day. When it comes to a coffee shop, it is best to go at an off-time during the day such as the early afternoon. An added bonus is the hospitality: no one will ask you to move unless it is closing time.

3. 3rd Floor/ 4th Floor Gilman

The upper levels of Gilman feature groups of seats right by the stairs. This spot is perfect for complete solitude. The level of the floor makes for a beautiful view past the glass window.

4. Study Rooms

Almost every dorm has one, might as well take advantage! The study rooms allow you to create a learning environment while still being close to home. These will come especially handy in the winter, when any distance can stop you from journeying for homework.

Submitted by Amelie-Francoise Nkodo, a member of PEEPs (a Peer Health Education student group)