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CHEW on this: Hump Day Savings


College students have lots of money, right?  Unfortunately, that's not so true.  Money can be tight, especially in college.  If the expense of birth control is getting too high, here are some options that may help:

  1. Go Generic: Ask your doctor if there is a generic version available.  Generic brands are cheaper than the brand name and have the same efficacy rate.
  2. Bargain Shop: Check out different pharmacies to see what they charge.  Bonus for students on the JHU Student Health Insurance Plan, the Student Health and Wellness Center offers birth control for patients that is usually inexpensive and convenient!
  3. E-condomize: Stick to using condoms as the main form of birth control, particularly, if being monogomous isn't in play.  Be sure to use the condom as directed in order for it to be effective against pregnancy and STIs. Condoms are given away for free on campus, or other brands can be bought through our Condom Sense program at a discounted price.