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Weekend Sip Tip: Knowing your limits, not testing them.


Now that classes are wrapping up, you may be heading out this weekend to relax and let loose before finals.  Letting loose doesn't have to mean losing your lunch.  If you decide to drink, don’t test your limits; know them.  

Using the BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) table can help reduce your chances of being that guy or that girl by staying “in the Blue Zone”.  The Blue Zone is considered to be a safer drinking level based on a person's BAC remaining under .06.  In the blue zone, students can feel the euphoric effects they may be looking for, without the negative consequences that can result from too much alcohol.  Remember to Stop@Buzzed by staying in the Blue Zone.

Using the charts below, you can select the number of drinks you plan to consume or have already consumed, then find your approximate weight at the top, and at the intersection of these two values, you will find your personal BAC.  For example if you are a 120 lb. female drinking seven drinks in one hour, your BAC is a .25.

**1 drink = 12oz Beer  = 1.5 oz shot (80 proof liquor)  = 5 oz of wine **

By knowing your limits now, it’ll be one less test to stress over. 

*Remember no level of drinking is considered safe while operating a vehicle so never drink and drive. Plan ahead for your night if you require a vehicle; designate a sober driver or use public transportation.