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Happy Hump Day!


Do you see any differences between these two condoms?

The condom on top is a latex condom, as is the condom below it.  BUT, the condom on the bottom is also flavored (banana-yum)! 
Are flavored condoms different than non-flavored condoms?

Yes! Flavored condoms are primarily used for oral sex.  Since STIs/STDs can be transmitted through oral sex, it is important to use protection.  And with latex not always tasting that great on it's own (we can thank our dentists for that early lesson) flavored condoms are available to make the experience more enjoyable.

Flavored condoms are one of the best options for oral sex, but not necessarily the best for other forms of sexual activity.  While flavored condoms may be used, it is important to verify that the condoms do protect against STIs/STDs and unintended pregnancy.  And when it comes to vaginal and anal intercourse, flavored condoms may not be the way to go since they can negatively affect the pH balance of the cavity, which can cause yeast infections, or try a sugar-free flavored condom to avoid altering the balance level.