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Sex & Intimacy. What's the Diff?

Intimacy is defined as something of a personal and private nature. Too often, people confuse sex with intimacy. While sex achieves a certain level of physical intimacy, emotional intimacy is often a much more significant element of a healthy relationship.

Sexuality is only one form of intimacy. Non-sexual ways you can be intimate with your partner include:

Sharing feelings: Discuss your feelings with your partner. Talking and listening can help you both better understand each other and may bring you closer.

Participating in common interests: Couples that play together often stay together, so the saying goes. studying sporting activities, or hobbies can bring couples closer together when they share interests.

Making time to be alone together: Try taking a bath together, sharing a candlelight dinner, taking a walk, or just holding each other in bed.

There are many additional ways of creating non-sexual intimacy. Explore various things that you and your partner can do together to bring you closer.

Deciding to become sexually active or practice abstinence is a personal choice and it is important to discuss your reasons with your partner. Communication is the key to becoming informed about sex and to making the right decision.

(Source: SmarterSex.org)