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Get Rich

Okay, maybe you won’t make any money, but these tips are geared to help you cut costs while getting your body recalibrated before Finals period. Being a junk food junkie and notoriously cheap when it comes to my groceries, I made this list primarily for my own gain, and I thought it might be helpful to share with all of you!

1) CUT OUT SODA (and Monster, and just about anything like that)- Drinking water is infinitely cheaper, and it’s much better for your body. The benefits of water are endless, from clear skin to healthy organs. If you need a caffeine kick, try drinking tea (no calories and full of antioxidants!) or coffee, but not those fancy drinks from Starbucks.

2) GET FROZEN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES- Fresh fruit and veggies can be really expensive especially for a college student. Dried fruits and vegetables, however, don’t have NEARLY as much of a nutritional value compared to the fresh variety. If you’re looking for the healthy way to get nutrients without killing your wallet, frozen fruits and vegetables preserve most of the nutrient content while pricing in at rates much lower than fresh fruits. You can find these at local grocery stores like Eddie’s and Giant.

3) TAKE SNACKS WITH YOU- When you leave for class in the morning, bring a little snack bag of nuts, maybe a little handful of dark chocolate covered almonds, or some peanuts. Or you can take some air popped popcorn in a little snack bag. If you’re swinging by Char Mar, grab one of the hummus and pretzel packs. Packing your own food not only helps you make better choices because you won’t be as inclined to buy an unhealthy snack somewhere else, but it also helps you save money!

4) SAVE LEFTOVERS- It’s hardly a recent development that portion sizes at restaurants are MUCH larger than what we need. When you go out for dinner with friends, eat half of what’s on your plate and pack the other half. You not only have saved yourself many calories, but you’ve also gotten yourself lunch for tomorrow!

5) BUY FOOD IN BULK- If you’ really like a particular healthy snack, like Luna Bars, or almonds, maybe even hummus, try buying that snack in bulk. Amazon has some great deals! When you’re hungry, you’ll easily have a snack accessible, and you won’t have to go out and buy new ones as often!

Here’s hoping that you’ll be able to save some money and eat some tasty snacks before things get too stressful!

In health,
Aishwarya, a member of PEEPs