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SEE for Yourself on Monday

SEE Tip:  Got mid-terms this week? Make study time more efficient: go for a jog.  A study of college students showed that a short aerobic activity enhanced information processing speed, even if it’s not a regular thing (source: Short-term effects of aerobic exercise on executive processing, memory, and emotion. American College of Sports Medicine Annual Meeting, Indianapolis, Indiana, June 2-5, 2004. Tomporowski, P. D., Stueck, M. G., University of Georgia, Athens). The SEE Campaign— “SLEEP, EAT, and EXERCISE” —is all about helping JHU students maintain a healthy balance of rest, exercise, and nutritious eating which can have a positive influence on performance. Stop by the SEE table today at Levering from 11-1 pm for more tips and give-aways.

Quit Tip from HKB: Thinking about quitting? Let your family and friends support your decision to quit. Ask them to help encourage you and be non-judgmental. You might also want to let them know that you will probably be irritable as you go through the quit process.

Mellow Out Monday Tip: Got stress? Get some exercise. Okay so you may be stressed because you don't have enough time as it is. But exercise may be just what you need to reduce your stress. Don't worry it doesn't have to involve a ton of time. You can take a relaxing, 30-minute walk while listening to your favorite music. In fact, in a little over an hour, you can 1) walk 15 minutes to your favorite off-campus restaurant, 2) eat a quick and healthy meal, 3) walk back, and 4) take a power nap. Imagine how much better you'll feel! Be sure to fit in a free back-rub from a Stressbuster. Be one of the first 5 people to get a backrub tonight at 9 pm and receive a FREE "fan" t-shirt. Let Stressbusters melt your stress away. Five-minute seated back rubs are available every Monday night at the MSE library, Q-level from 8-10 pm.

Minimize Monday Tip:  Happy Pi Day! And to celebrate, we’ve got you covered with tips to use less energy when you’re baking that pie of yours.

o Ceramic and glass dishes let you turn down the oven by 25 degrees without extended cooking times because they conduct and hold heat better than metal.

o To keep a dish warm before serving time: put it in the microwave and close the door. The insulation will keep the food warm (but make sure the dish isn’t metal!).

o If you have a convection feature on your oven, take the time to learn how to use it. You can save one-third of the cooking energy.

o If you have an oven light and a clean oven glass door, turn the light on quickly to check your pie’s status instead of opening the door and wasting energy.

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