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Upcoming Events

Hopkins is starting out 2011 with a bang! Take note of these upcoming events and campaigns that are sure to boost your health, and provide some fun and entertainment.

Sex is fun. Why can't sexual health be fun as well!? Enjoy a week full of sexual health awareness events with Hopkins' first ever Sex Week.
Monday: Swing by CHEW (Levering 115) for FREE Condoms
Tuesday: Stop by the Breezeway 11-2 for Safe Sex Kits, BlowPops, and More!
Wednesday: Stop by the Breezeway 12-1:30 for more giveaways and games.
Thursday: SEXpert Daniel Packard Show. Glass Pav. 8:00pm
Friday: HOP's Friday Night Movie: Kinsey. Mudd Hall. 8:00pm
All events co-sponsored by The HOP and CHEW

The purpose of the Sound Body Challenge is to help participants build healthy lifestyle habits with a competitive, fitness-oriented program, designed to improve overall well-being through diet and physical activity. The Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity promotes a balanced lifestyle- practicing sound body and sound mind in every aspect of life. In cooperation with this mission, the Sound Body Challenge aims to permanently improve the lives of those involved and help the community at large by raising money from this event to benefit an organization that embodies its values and promotes physical fitness and healthy living habits to others. To learn more, or to register, visit the SBC Facebook page.