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SEE for Yourself on Monday!

SEE Tip: With dorm rooms being your bedroom, living room, dining room, and social lounge, it's easy to use your bed for a range of activities. When you begin using your bed for wakeful activities (eating, surfing the internet, studying), your brain stops recognizing it as a place to rest or relax. Reserve your bed for two things: sleep and sex. Not only will it help you fall asleep faster, it will reduce daytime sleepiness as well. So the next time you're about to hop into bed with your Chem book, pull up a chair instead!

Quit Tip from HKB: Flu season may be winding down, but there are still plenty of germs out there to get you sick and interfere with your schedule. Research suggests that cigarettes are crawling with germs! You're doing enough harm to your lungs with the tobacco smoke. The germs on cigarettes could lead to more respiratory problems. Unless you want to disinfect each cigarette before smoking, maybe you should just kick the habit all together.

Mellow Out Monday: Is school stress back in your life? Have no fear, Stressbusters are here! Mellow Out Mondays are back in the library beginning today. Let Stressbusters melt your stress away. FREE 5-minute seated back rubs are available every Monday night at the MSE library, Q-level from 8-10 pm.

Minimize Monday: The Federal Highway Administration recommends trip chaining as a simple way to reduce air pollution from cars during the winter months. Trip chaining involves planning your errands ahead of time, so you can complete at least three errands in the same vicinity with one car ride. For more information and tips on trip chaining, visit Drive Less Save More.

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