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In the News: Guys Get 'Gard'-ed

The Gardasil vaccine has garnered a lot of attention for its protection against the HPV virus and cervical cancer in women. What some may not know, is that the vaccine has also been approved for use in males. While they may not have a cervix, it does protect males against the HPV virus (warts) and also anal cancers. Since men can spread the virus onto women, it's important that both males and females act to protect themselves.

Although knowledge of the effectiveness on women has been known for years, the New England Journal of Medicine has just released their report on the effectiveness of the vaccine on males. The results found that the vaccine was 97.5% effective against the 4 targeted types of the virus (HPV-6, 11, 16, and 18). Just like with females, males have to be sure to follow up with all three doses to ensure the most protection. Less than a third of women complete the series. Males, do you part to protect... your parts. Talk to your health care provider about the Gardasil vaccine. Protect yourself and your partners!

Gardasil is available through the Student Health and Wellness Center and is covered by most insurance companies. Call 410-516-8270 or stop in SHWC to find out more!