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HUNGOVER that is.
If you've ever had the unpleasant experience of a dealing with a hangover, it's probably not something you'd like to experience again. Yet weekend after weekend, many college students awake at the crack of noon with the all too familiar pounding headache, upset stomach, and a desire to lay around the rest of the day. There are many theories for the perfect hangover cure; some down an aspirin with lots of water, others swear by greasy foods, and some opt for the hair of the dog approach. Unfortunately, there is no magic cure for a hangover. The majority of the symptoms of hangovers are due to dehydration so consuming water the morning after may help ease your pain, but it won't cure you. It's also important to replenish lost nutrients. Because alcohol breakdown in the liver produces body toxins, the only way to really 'cure' a hangover is to just give it time to run its course. Taking an aspirin is actually dangerous because acetaminophen (the active ingredient) is broken down in the liver as well. As your liver continues to process the remaining alcohol in your system, the damage is increased. If you must take a pain killer to survive the headache, opt for medicine without acetaminophen such as Aleve. Hangovers are also the result of mild alcohol withdrawal. Yes, drinking more alcohol the morning after will ease your symptoms, but only because you are reintroducing the toxin to your body. This is especially dangerous as it increases the likelihood of dependence and abuse. The best way to stop a hangover is to prevent it from even happening. If you choose to drink, pace to one drink an hour to give your liver ample time to process your drink. Drink plenty of water throughout the night and before you go to bed. Keeping your BAC below 0.07 will allow you all the euphoric effects of alcohol without the pesky morning after. Prevent the hangover, Stop@Buzzed!