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Reset Your Internal Clock- A message from a PEEP

Start Fresh, Reset Your Internal Clock

After a long break of sleeping in and not having anything to do, it is often difficult readjusting to the academic schedule. Most of the time this problem lies in a warped internal clock that often makes students very tired at the times that they should be working. A tired mind works less efficiently, therefore to really get the most out of your studying time it is best to be well rested.

The NY Times health blog recently published an article that helps night-crawlers readjust their clocks to become morning people. Perhaps becoming a morning person is not your goal, but either way this article will help you set your internal clock to a time that works best for you. It also has a convenient quiz that helps you understand what kind of sleeper you are and what times of day you are most productive.

Do not underestimate the importance of sleep in your studying habits. A relaxed, rested mind is conducive to a healthier life.

Post submitted by a PEEP- Amelie Nkodo