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SHWC Spotlight: Get Vaccinated!

'Tis the season to spread germs! As the winter months arrive, it's important to focus on prevention to keep yourself from getting sick this season. A 2008 study examined the impact of influenza-like-illness on academic performance among college students. Those vaccinated suffered less from both illness and poor grades! The study concluded, "influenza vaccination was associated with substantial reductions in ILI and ILI-associated health care use and impairment of school performance. College and university students can experience substantial benefits from influenza vaccinations".

Fortunately, the Student Health and Wellness Center offers flu vaccinations to students. Take just 15 minutes out of your day to keep from missing up to a week's worth of class! The SHWC has a limited supply of flu vaccine left after two very successful Flu Clinics. Protect yourself today!
Schedule an appointment: 410-516-8270.
COST: $15.00 /$8.00 with school insurance
PAYMENT:  Cash, check, J-card, credit card or bill your student account