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SEE for Yourself on Monday

SEE Tip: The holiday season has officially begun! As the time for gift giving draws near, think fitness while you shop. Instead of doing the majority of your shopping online, head out to the mall to find your presents. It's an easy way to add some physical fitness to your routine and also check some people off your list. In an hour and a half of shopping, you can burn over 380 calories. In fact, a recent study found that the average woman burns roughly 48,000 calories a year from shopping alone! So while you shop, ditch the laptop and head to the sales rack in person!

Quit Tip from HKB: Why wait until January 1st to make your quit smoking resolution? It may be easier to find someone to smooch at midnight without the stench of cigarettes on your breath. Commit to spending the next month to quitting the habit. You can start 2011 feeling healthier and can work on a different resolution in the upcoming year!

Mellow Out Monday: The holidays can often trigger feelings of stress and depression. As if the winter blues weren't bad enough, piling on exams, papers, and traveling can often bring a heavy load on your shoulders. Check out these tips for ways to cope with the holiday stress! You can also let Stressbusters melt your stress away. FREE 5-minute seated back rubs are available every Monday night at the MSE library, Q-level from 8-10 pm.

Minimize Monday: It's easy to reuse or recycle your inkjet cartridges, so get started today! If you've been chucking your inkjet and toner cartridges in the garbage up to this point, you're not alone. Over 13 cartridges are discarded in the U.S. every second, according to CartridgeFundraising.com.  It's actually easy to cut down on this waste. First off, some inkjet cartridges can be used more than once by buying a refill kit. If this seems too messy, take your empties (think copiers and faxes, too) to the nearest drop off center to be reused or recycled by others. (Plug your zip code into Earth911.org for nearby collection places.) You can also save some money by buying recycled cartridges to begin with! For more information on living green, visit The Daily Green.

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