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SEE for Yourself on Monday

SEE Tip: Do your part to improve your personal health AND the health of the planet: eat less meat. Today marks the launch of Meatless Monday through Dining. Meatless Monday is part of the National Healthy Monday campaign to cut out meat one day a week. The campaign ties in with JHU's larger SEE for Yourself on Monday Campaign, which promotes healthy habits one week at a time, showing students that they can positively impact their health and the environment with simple changes. To join the movement, click here!

Quit Tip from HKB: Feeling sad? Reaching for that cigarette may not bring the soothing comfort you expect. In fact, smoking increases the chance of developing depression by a whopping 41% according to a study from the Harvard School of Public Health. Often people turn to tobacco to relieve stress or anxiety. Find a new healthy hobby to make your mind happier!

Mellow Out Monday: Students can get run down with so much going on, especially this time of year. Follow this tip to help you beat the stress: Put limits on work and study hours. You can't work and/or study all the time- fun and relaxation have to be part of your routine as well. Limit the times when you will work to give yourself time to sleep and rest up so you won't get sick. You can also let Stressbusters melt your stress away. FREE 5-minute seated back rubs are available every Monday night at the MSE library, Q-level from 8-10 pm.

Minimize Monday: Your leaf blower may be really modern and fun, but the following information may convince you to be old fashioned about moving the leaves in your yard. One Leaf blower can emit as much smog-forming pollution as 80 cars! Yikes! Manufacturers are working to make leaf blowers less filthy for your health and the health of the environment. In the meantime, pull up your sleeves, take out your rake and protect the environment. For more information on leaf blowers, visit The Daily Green.

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