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In the News: Break-Ups Abound

In the age of social networking, relationships are more on display than ever. You are less likely to run into PDA than FDA, Facebook Displays of Affection. The hook-ups, make-ups, and break-ups via Facebook interactions have sparked the interest of one British journalist who took this trend to a new level. Journalist David McCandless, also a graphic designer, has analyzed over 10,000 status updates to produce the Facebook Breakup Chart. The graph shows the most likely times of the year for couples to split according to changes in relationship status.

Considering the majority of Facebook users, the trends tend to make sense. The majority of break ups spike just before Spring Break when some may choose to do a little spring cleaning before heading off on wild trips. The other large spike occurs just before the winter holidays. Apparently the threat of gift giving trumps getting into the holiday spirit with a special someone. With just a month to go before a potential break-up boom, it may be time to check in with your sweetie and see how your relationship is working. Don't let the stress of midterms and holidays interrupt your relationships. Make time for each other or you may one of the relationships ending as the new year begins!