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Weekend Sip Tip

Halloween is not just a time for ghosts and goblins to come out of hiding. Weary college students who have been holed up in dark rooms, tortured by hours of studying and paper writing, will at last come out in droves to make their way to Downtown Baltimore, particularly to Fells Point. Over the years it has become a hot spot for college students across Baltimore City and County. Literally, thousands of eager students crowd the streets to eat, drink, and be merry. While the sights and costumes are certainly something to admire, it may help to know a few of these tricks before you head out for treats.

First of all, the crowds will make cab use a difficult task. Many will drop you off blocks from the square and be prepared to walk just as far back to find an open cab back home. Also be aware that the bars that may have previously glanced past your fake ID are more aware this weekend that underage drinkers will attempt to sneak in. Plus, there will be plenty of officers present. There are punishments for possessing or providing fake IDs! If you dare to try yours, be prepared to be denied and ensure you have another way home. It's very easy to get separated from friends and the loud bars and crowds will make it difficult to hear any phone calls. Keep an emergency cash stash of at least $20 on you so you can grab a cab home solo if need be. Another casualty of the crowds- long lines. You will walk to the square, wait in lines to get into bars, wait in lines to get drinks at bars, and definitely wait to get into bathrooms as a results of those drinks at the bar. Wear comfy shoes, you will be on your feet a lot! Regardless of which area of the city you choose to venture (Fells, Fed, Canton, or PowerPlant), you will experience a similar scene regardless. Your best option may be to stick at home and have a Halloween party all your own! No matter where you celebrate, if you choose to drink, do so responsibly. There's nothing scarier than getting lost, arrested, or hospitalized as a result of Halloween fun. Don't be THAT guy or ghoul- Stop@Buzzed!

Want real Fells Point testimonials? Click to expand for real words of wisdom from real Hopkins students!

“It's easy to get lost from your friends there, so make sure you have your phone and cash in case you need to go home alone.”
“I know a ton of people (myself included) who have lost items like cell phones, camera, and wallets at Fells. So hold on to your valuables, or don't bring them.”
“Don't take water bottles or Nalgenes or any of that stuff; the cops make you dump it out.”
“(This may sound like a joke) But don't mess with anyone, people are looking for reasons to fight or riot.”
“Don't get drunk and go to Fells; people aren't as friendly to passed out or sick kids off JHU campus.”
“Don't take alleyways and other dark passageways, even in large groups.”
“Stay in a group! If you get separated it will be almost impossible to find your friends again.”
“Be prepared to hold it if you need to use the bathroom!”
"Hate 'em or love 'em, there's no JHU security there. Real officers aren't quite as understanding."
"Honestly, it's not even that fun. By the time you get in somewhere and actually grab a drink, the night is half over already!"
"I did it once. That was plenty."