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Weekend Sip Tip

Many typical scenes play out at college parties when alcohol is involved. There's the one where there's a dance off. There's another where someone spills a drink on so-and-so. And hopefully there's the one where a group of friends went out, drank responsibly, and got home safely. But there is another scene that can be found at parties that is extremely dangerous. Perhaps you've seen it. The one where a young girl is drunk, separated from her friends, and made extremely vulnerable. Enter the overeager male who uses this situation to his advantage. He feeds her drinks, convinces her he's a nice guy, and takes her home. She wakes up with little memory but a whole lot of regret. This scene- is sexual assault. One in four college aged women will be a victim of rape or attempted rape. And 90% of college rapes involve alcohol by the victim, assailant, or both.

It's sad when bad decisions result in this scenario, but fortunately as bystanders, there is something everyone can do to help- stand up and step up. It's easy to get caught up in our own lives and our own situations, but if you ever spot a situation that doesn't look right or feel right to you- it probably isn't right. It just takes one person to ask, "Are you ok? Do you know how to get home? Where are your friends?" and potentially stop that girl from becoming a victim. Statistics can change and you can help by becoming an empowered bystander. What would you do?

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