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Weekend Sip Tip

Let's say you decide to go out with some friends this weekend and make the healthy choice to Stop@Buzzed. You pace your drinks to one an hour, alternate drinks with water, and you ate a full meal before heading out. You find yourself having a great time at the party and know you'll be feeling fine in the morning. Unfortunately, your roommate is not in the same situation. They did not Stop@Buzzed. In fact, they have still not stopped at wasted. Suddenly your fun is over because your friend is in need of some assistance. What can you do when a friend's drinking becomes your problem? It's never fun to take care of a drunken friend, but hey, that's what good friends do. There are a few things you can do to help them out and make the night easier.  Steer them clear of any more alcohol, help them avoid anyone they may have issues with (i.e. avoid fights or arguments), get them drinking water as soon as you can, don’t let them out of your sight, and help get them home and safely into bed. If you are unsure of how much they drank, DO NOT LEAVE THEM ALONE! The majority of deaths from alcohol poisoning occur from persons choking on their own vomit when left alone. Keep an eye on them and check them for steady breathing, a strong pulse, normal skin coloration, and that they are not vomiting. If you notice any changes, get help immediately. Remember that it's better to be safe than sorry. If you choose to drink, don't ruin your friend's night because you lose control of yours. Keep yourself in check, Stop@Buzzed!

PS: Several of our alcohol awareness signs were stolen from the upper quad yesterday! We are very glad that they are so well liked people wanted to steal them, but unfortunately, they are ours and we do not have an unlimited supply or budget to replace them. If you took them, or know of anyone who took them, please return them home. We miss them. Plus, it's really not that funny to steal signs...