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Tip of the Week: Feel Your Boobies!

October marks Breast Cancer Awareness Month. In 2010 alone, over 200,000 women and 1,900 men were diagnosed and over 39,000 women and nearly 400 men will die as a result of this disease. Despite millions of dollars and hours spent in research, this disease continues to be one of the leading killers among US women.

Despite the mortality rates of breast cancer, early detection vastly improves one's chance of survival. While few cases are diagnosed in college-aged women and men, it is never too early to get into good habits. A simple self-breast exam once a month can get you feeling comfortable with your breast tissue's normal feel. By feeling confident in the knowledge of your body, you are better prepared to notice any subtle changes. Use this BSA (Breast Self Awareness) card for prevention and exam information. Remember, this disease can effect both women and men, so males should check their breast tissues as often as their testicles for any abnormalities or changes. Early detection can save lives, so take a few minutes once a month to protect your health.

For more information on breast cancer, or ways to make a donation to support the cause, visit the Susan G. Koman Foundation or the American Cancer Society. Save the TaTas!!