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SEE for Yourself... this week!

SEE Tip: It's rare at Hopkins to get a day off from classes, so why spend your day cramped up inside your room pouring over notes and readings? Instead, use today to make time for the things you may have pushed aside throughout your hectic schedule. Sleep in, sit down for a nice healthy meal, and get out and get active with some exercise! A healthy body boosts a healthy mind. You may find that by focusing your energy on healthy habits, you have more energy to use throughout the week. Don't believe us, get out there and SEE for Yourself!

Quit Tip from HKB: It's pretty hard to smoke without a cigarette, so avoid carrying them around! Consider how often you are off-campus. If you don't keep a pack of cigarettes on you, you may not be tempted to smoke. If you do get the craving, you would be forced to bum one off someone else which can be uncomfortable. Instead, keep gum or lollypops in your bag. If you start to crave a cigarette, focus your attention elsewhere!

Mellow Out Monday: Let Stressbusters melt your stress away. FREE 5-minute seated back rubs are available every Monday night at the MSE library, Q-level from 8-10 pm.

Minimize Monday: Halloween is only a few weeks away. If you don’t have a costume yet, why not try creating your own. You could reduce your environmental footprint this Halloween by reusing one your old costumes. You could also reuse odds and ends around the house to come up with an original, cost-free, waste-free costume. For some homemade costume ideas, visit The Daily Green.

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