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In the News: Craving Candy

Halloween- an American past-time for parties, costumes, and a whole lot of delicious candy! While finding the sweets comes easily, resisting them can prove to be quite difficult. Before you vilify the trick-or-treats, remember that there's nothing wrong with the occasional indulgence, just keep it in control!

It wouldn't be fair to say that one type of candy is 'better' for you than another. Really, an overload of sugar wouldn't be healthy for anyone. But there are some options out there with a bit more nutritional value than others. Dark chocolate offers antioxidants and contains more mood boosting serotonin over it's milk chocolate counterpart. Candies that take a longer time to eat (think caramels, lollypops, etc) give you the sugar rush and sweet flavor, but you are less likely to gorge yourself on an entire handful. If torn between two candies, check the nutritional label. The ingredient lists are labeled by weight. If your label reads: Milk Chocolate, Peanuts, Cocoa- that means those three ingredients are there in the highest quantities. If the first few ingredients are impossible to pronounce, you may want to choose something more natural. Some find it impossible to resist certain treats, so to ensure you don't wipe out an entire bag of Snickers, portion yourself. Get a small bowl or bag and limit yourself to what you have. It's find to treat yourself, but don't get tricked into unhealthy eating habits! For more tips, check out this article!