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Weekend Sip Tip

When faced with the message "Stop@Buzzed" you may know that it means to 'Stay in the Blue Zone' or 'maintain a BAC of 0.02 to 0.06', but do you know why that message is so important? Depending on your gender, weight, and duration of consumption, your blood alcohol concentration can raise quickly. At a BAC of 0.02 to 0.06, you begin to experience those nice euphoric effects of alcohol- increased sociability, talkativeness, ease of tension, and muscle relaxation. But even within that 'safer' zone, you will also experience lower alertness, impaired judgment, and a loss of inhibitions. It could take only one more drink to push you out of the blue zone, and into riskier situations. Want more specific examples?

BAC of 0.07-0.14: slowed reaction time, impaired senses, loud talking, inability to focus
BAC of 0.15-0.24: blurred vision, slow motor skills, sedation, difficulty standing/walking, passing out
BAC of 0.25-0.30: high pain threshold, impaired consciousness, slurred speech, disorientation, loss of motor function, impaired reflexes, inability to walk, possible death by overdose
BAC of 0.35+: unconsciousness, deep coma, non-responsive, death in most cases

Stopping at buzzed isn't just about avoiding embarrassing or regretful situations, it's about keeping you safe. If you choose to drink, staying in the blue zone lets you have the benefits you may desire from alcohol, without putting yourself at risk. October 1st marks the beginning of Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Month. Keep your BAC in check (women and men), monitor your drinking, and Stop@Buzzed!

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