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Weekend Sip Tip: Don't be that guy or girl

There always seems to be one, at least one, at every party. You know the one- the person that makes a complete fool of themselves by either falling, puking, crying, fighting, or doing something so completely unbelievable you can't help but ask, "How wasted are they!?" There may be some that actually take pride in filling this role, but for most, no one wants to be THAT guy or THAT girl. Hopkins may be in a big city, but it's not that big of a community- stories can spread quickly! It's not fun to walk into class on Monday and notice the whispers, stares, or chuckles as you stroll by. And let's not forget the instant photos and videos that can be uploaded to Facebook or YouTube with the touch of an onlooker's Smartphone. You take pride in yourself throughout the week, don't let your pride slip on the weekends. If you develop a completely different personality with each cup, you may want to cut down on your drinks. Limiting your drinking to maintain a 'buzz' (BAC of 0.02 to 0.06) will allow you to feel more relaxed and can cut down on social anxiety, but it won't turn you into the drunken mess of the party. If you choose to drink, don't be THAT guy or girl, Stop@Buzzed! Unsure if your drinking behaviors are risky? Click here to find out!

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