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Weekend Sip Tip

There seems to be a mantra of "Work Hard, Play Hard" on the Hopkins campus. After a stressful week, many students opt to take the weekend to unwind, let loose, and for some, get drunk. The reasons for using alcohol vary from seeing it as a rite of passage to just needing something to do. From the gossip or stories you may hear on Monday morning, it could seem like alcohol use is the norm at Hopkins. But, your perceptions may not be accurate! Check out these findings from the JHU Spring 2009 NCHA–II Web Survey:
  • Of JHU students that report going out to party or socialize, 69% of them drink 4 or fewer drinks in a night. In fact, 34% of them don’t drink at all!
  • While the perception on campus is that 96% of JHU students use alcohol at any point within 30 days, the actual monthly use (at least one day) is only 58.6%!
  • While it may seem that students drink every weekend, 40% of JHU students report drinking less than once a month! In fact, only 12% of Hopkins students use alcohol 10 or more days on a monthly basis.
While your perceptions may be skewed to believe that excessive alcohol use is the typical college behavior, know that choosing to not drink or drink in moderation is actually the norm! When the weekend rolls around, go ahead and relax, but don't think that alcohol is the only option. There are plenty of fun, sober activities to do around Baltimore. If you do choose to drink, drink in moderation. You don't want to culminate your hard, long week with a deserving trip to the toilet bowl. Sip slow and Stop@Buzzed!


Anonymous said...

This was not exactly a rigorous study. There is a large bias involved, as people who go out and drink, and people who fill out web surveys about alcohol use are not exactly overlapping groups.

CHEW at JHU said...

These results were from a survey regarding a broad range of health behaviors. It was e-mailed to freshmen, sophomore, and junior JHU students in Spring of 2009 and resulted in a 26% response rate. You can learn more about the ACHA-NCHA survey here: http://www.acha-ncha.org.

Your comment is valid, but the only way to get data regarding the private behaviors of students is through asking them. We cannot control who does and does not choose to respond, but we can do our best to report our findings. Take the data with a grain of salt, but it is still worth noting.