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Tip of the Week: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

The recent events on campus have brought the issue of respect into the spotlight. Respecting ourselves, respecting differences, and respecting each other are suddenly in the forefront of many thoughts. Hopkins is very fortunate to be a campus full of diverse students. Take this opportunity to embrace these differences instead of judging them. Each person has had varied experiences in life from which lessons and information can be learned. Hopkins students are bright, driven, involved, focused, and obviously competitive. Instead of working against each other, work to build up the JHU community.

Shows like MTV's If You Really Knew Me, Tyra, and Dr. Phil have focused on bullying in high schools and middle schools, but these behaviors can still be present on college campuses. Websites like JHU Confessions attempt to push gossip and rumor mills underground, but it only makes more obvious the judgment and disrespect that occurs among peers. This week, make note of your own personal biases and preconceptions, then attempt to challenge them. Remember times that you may have been cast out or criticized. Instead of an insult, give someone a compliment today. It may not only make someone's day, but it may make you feel better as well!