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Tip of the Week: Let's Get It On

As the first month of school comes to a close, it's possible you may have had a close encounter of the sexual kind- perhaps even more than one. College is often known as a time when many choose to partake in a range of sexual activities. As long as they are done soberly, consensually, and responsibly, having sex is a normal, natural act (if you so choose to have it). It even carries various health benefits!

According to WebMD, sex does a body good! It can help to relieve stress, boost immunity, burn calories, reduce pain, and help you sleep- just to name a few. When the sex is connected and loving, it can even boost your self-esteem. Now, this isn't to say everyone should rush out and have sex. Abstinence and low-risk sexual activity have plenty of benefits all their own. 

There are many risks and decisions that come along with every sexual encounter. There is the usual worry of pregnancy or STIs, but there are also psychological risks. Sex can change everything. Even the closest of friendships can be ruined or made awkward due to one sexual encounter. If you choose to have sex, make sure you are ready both physically and emotionally. Be prepared for any and all consequences and be ready to live with any aftermath that may ensue. Another thing to take into consideration- your living arrangement. No roommate likes to be sexiled! When it comes to sex, plan ahead in everything you do. Talk to your partners, use protection, and maybe give your roommate a heads up.