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Tip of the Week: Focus on your wHOLe health

We tend to focus our definition of health based on physical factors- exercising, eating enough vegetables, protecting ourselves from illness. But there are many other factors that play into our health and well-being. Do you feel fulfilled, do you feel safe, are you happy? Acting as though our minds, bodies, and environment are all connected is taking a holistic approach to health.

When your body is out of sync with your mind, it's easy to feel run-down or depressed. Just think about how you feel when you are stressed: tired, anxious, sluggish, maybe even ill. What if you could reduce those feelings with some simple breathing techniques or massage? There are plenty of possibilities out there to help put your mind and body back on track. Perhaps a more holistic approach is exactly what you need!

Tomorrow, come to a Holistic event for the Whole You!

3rd Annual Holi-HealthFest
Friday, September 17th
O'Connor Recreation Center, Ground Floor 
Free food, games, prizes, massages, screenings, giveaways, and much more!

Come SEE what a difference a Holistic approach to health can have on your life!