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SHWC Spotlight: Shawneen "Shawn" Kelley

You may know the clinicians at the Student Health and Wellness Center, but there are many other staff members working tirelessly behind the scenes for students. While the SHWC is equipped to offer primary care services, there are times when referrals to specialists are necessary. That's where the bright and bubbly Shawn Kelley comes in to assist you!

Name: Shawn Kelley

Position: Student Insurance and Referral Coordinator

Favorite Health Tip: Know your health insurance; it is important to know what is/is not covered by your plan before being treated.

Healthy Advice: I encourage all students of JHU to see me for any insurance or referral related problems and questions. I am always happy to help. 

Fun Fact: Shawn is a big Bon Jovi fan!

For any insurance questions for Shawn, or any other services at the Student Health and Wellness Center, call 410-516-8270. All appointments are confidential. To learn more about the SHWC, click here!