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SHWC Spotlight: Dr. Yvonne Mark

You go to the Student Health and Wellness Center when you are feeling ill or in need of health advice, but what do you know about the clinicians and staff? Periodically, we will shine a spotlight on the SHWC and introduce you to a staff member. Today, meet Dr. Yvonne Mark!

Name: Yvonne Mark, MD

Position: Clinic Physician

Favorite Health Tip: Avoid sharing food, drinks, and utensils with others to avoid sharing germs.

Healthy Advice: Sneeze/cough into a tissue (then throw it out) or your sleeve rather than your hand or the air to avoid spreading germs.
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To set up an appointment with Dr. Mark or any other clinicians at the Student Health and Wellness Center, call 410-516-8270. All appointments are confidential. To learn more about the SHWC, click here!